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Teks narrative adalah teks yang menceritakan sesuatu yang imajinatif atau khayalan belaka. Tujuan : untuk menghibur para pembaca.

·        Orientation (pendahuluan cerita) : memperkenalkan tokoh-tokoh dalam cerita, latar, dan waktu.
·        Complication : munculnya permasalahan diantara tokoh-tokoh.
·        Resolution : masalah dapat diatasi
·        Re-orientation (opsional) : akhir dari cerita

ü     Menggunakan past tense
ü     Biasanya dimulai dengan adverbs of time (kata keterangan waktu) seperti long time ago, once upon a time, in a faraway land.
ü      Menggunakan kata hubung : then, before, after that, etc.
Types of “Narratives Text”
1)    Fairy tale       : Cinderella, etc. (magic things)
2)    Legend          : Danau toba, etc. (prove/myth)
3)    Fabel              : Kancil & buaya, etc. (animals)
     EXAMPLE :

There was once a man who wanted to live forever. He lived in fear of dying. One day he was walking along and saw a Chinese dragon.
          “Oh, dragon,” he said. “I live in fear of dying. I hear that you live forever. I wish I was you.”
          Then the dragon spoke,”Kind man, you shall not like living forever. I will show you what it feels like.”
          The dragon carried him to an island where no body died. The man lived there and was amazed at how the people would buy poison. Then after a while he understood, the people did not enjoy living forever.
          He called the dragon, “Take me back,” he commanded. The dragon said, “I see you have learned your lesson.”
And now in China when people see dragons they say, “we are happy as we are, oh, Dragon.”
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